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Greek muses names

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The site listings typically the bands the fact that include long been presented to be able to satellites together with rockets. Bands who can be solely acronyms and / or product descriptions about any satellite's feature (e.g.

Greek Goddess Companies : Some that will Z

Geostationary Detailed The environmental Satellite) really are not really covered. NASA features known as some sort of quantity with it is logical satellites, in addition to other room or space agencies have got in addition utilized all the way up many names.

Right here might be your partial record with this recent satellites known as just after most people.

Spacecraft Identity Dubbed just after Mission
Amos Amos Amos of Tekoa, j


750BC, prophet

Marketing communications sat, Israel
QUESS Mozi hao Mo Di (Mo Zi) 470BC-391BC, philosopher Quantum comms lay, China
Hipparcos Hipparcos Hipparchos with Rhodes, h 175 B . c ., created take the leading role index Astrometry (ESA)
San Marco San Marco Yohanan Marcus, f 40, devout writer Atmospheric technology, Italy
Universitetskiy Tatyana Tatiana in Roma, ve had.

greek muses names

j 225, orlando activist

Student dish, Russia
ISS Aryabhata Aryabhata, m

The 9 decades Muses in all the Greek Mythology

450, Of india mathematician

Test cable (India)
Search engine optimization Bhaskara Bhaskara, k 650, American native mathematician Earth learning seated (India)
STARS-1 Kukai Kukai, 774-835, philosopher and additionally monkTether experiment\\
Sina Sina(h)-1 Abu Ali al-Husayn ibn 'Abd Allah ibn Sina, 980-1037, scientist and additionally polymathTest satellite tv
Ghauri Ghauri Muhammad Shahab ud-din Ghori (Ghauri), 1162-1206, total plus rulerMissile
Marcopolo Marcopolo Marco Polo, 1254-1324, explorer Emails sitting, England
Giotto Giotto Giotto di Bondone, 1266-1337, colored P/Halley Comet probe (ESA)
MPLM-3 DonatelloDonato de'Bardi, 1386 - 1466, sculptor Space section module, certainly not flown
COF Columbus Cristoforo Digestive tract, 1451-1506, explorer Room sta (ESA)
MPLM-1 case examine techniques pdf Leonardo Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519, scientist along with musician Area stop module
DS-U3-IK Kopernik-500Nikolai Kopernik, 1473-1543, heliocentric cosmologySpace physics sat (Russia/Poland)
OAO Chemical CopernicusNikolai Kopernik, 1473-1543, heliocentric driving while black color essays astronomy
VRM Magellan Fernao de Magalhaes, 1480-1521, explorer Venus orbiter
Ancient greek language muses artists Rafaelo Raffaelo Sanzio, 1483-1520, artist Area channel module
JOP Galileo Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642, telescope leader Jupiter orbiter/probe
Kepler Kepler Johann Kepler, 1571-1630, astronomer astronomical observatory
ATV-2 Johannes Kepler Johann Kepler, 1571-1630, chapter 6 home work sound footing cargo ancient muses bands
BRITE-P2 Ancient muses artists Heweliusz, 1611-1687, astronomer astronomical sat
Picard Picard Jean-Felix Picard, 1620-1682, astronomer astronomical sat

Cassini Gian Domenico Cassini,1625-1712, viewed Saturn's ringsSaturn/Titan probe
Huygens Huygens Christiaan Huygens, 1629-1695, located Titan Titan lander (ESA)
XMM XMM-NewtonIsaac Newton, 1642-1727 (physics)X-ray astronomy
MVL-300 Lomonosov Mikhail Vasilevich Lomonosov, 1711-1765, physicist, poet plus polymath Astronomy sat
STARS-2 Gennai Hiraga Gen'nai, 1728-1780, pharmacologist and also polymath Tether experiment
First Herschel Wilhelm Herschel, 1738-1822 IR observatory
VRSS-1 Francisco de Miranda Verts.

Francisco de Miranda Rodriguez, 1750-1816, revolutionary

Remote sensing sat, Venezuela
Morelos Morelos Jose Betty Morelos, 1765-1815, revolutionary Emails lay, Mexico
SSTI Lewis Meriwether Lewis, 1774-1809, explorer Planet observing
Orsted Orsted Hans Stacee Orsted, 1777-1851 (electromagnetism) Room physics, Denmark
Venesat Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar ymca Palacios Ponte gym Blanco, 1783-1830, revolutionary Comms sat
Coriolis Coriolis Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis, 1792-1843, mathematician Planet observing
MFEX Rover SojournerIsabella Sojourner Facts, 1797-1883, real human legal rights activistMars rover
MozhaetsMozhaets Aleksandr m Mozhaisky, 1825-1890, aviation pioneerTest satellite
ATV Jules VerneJules Gabriel Verne, 1828-1905, writerCargo ship
ROSAT Rontgen Wilhelm Rontgen, 1845-1923, uncovered X-raysX-ray astronomy (Germany)
Sulfamic acid solution titration essay Alexander, Graham, Bell Alexander Graham Bell, 1847-1922, inventorTechnology sats
Planck Planck Maximum Planck, 1858-1947, quantum theorist Astronomy lay (ESA)
Pershing Pershing Steve t

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Pershing, 1860-1948, general

DS2 MicroprobeScott ProbeRobert Falcon Scott, 1868-1912, polar explorer Mars probe
DS2 MicroprobeAmundsen ProbeRoald Amundsen, 1872-1928, polar explorer Mars probe
HEAO b Einstein Albert Einstein, 1879-1955 (relativity, stat mech, quantum)X-ray astronomy
ATV Some Albert Einstein Albert Einstein, 1879-1955 (relativity, stat mech, quantum)Cargo ship
HST Hubble Edwin Hubble, 1889-1953, teacher because facilitator essay or dissertation writer enlarging universeOptical/UV astronomy
GRO Compton Arthur Compton, 1892-1962, been trained in gamma rays Gamma astronomy
ATV 5 Georges Lemaitre George H.J.E.

Lemaitre, 1894-1966, cosmologist

Products ship
GLAST Fermi Enrico Fermi, 1901-1954, physicist (QM, stat mech, particles)Gamma astronomy
XTE Rossi Bruno Rossi, 1905-1993, X-ray astronomy pioneerX-ray astronomy
NGST Wayne Webb Room or space Tel.James Edwin Webb, 1906-1992, NASA administratorPlanned IR observatory
SAX BeppoSAX Guiseppe 'Beppo' Occhialini, 1907-1993, cosmic rays X-ray astronomy (Italy)
ATV 3 Edoardo AmaldiEdoardo Amaldi, 1908-1989, physicist Cargo ship
Astrid Astrid Astrid Ericsson Lindgren, 1907-2002, contributor Place physics, Sweden
CXO Chandra Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, 1910-1995 (black openings, astrophysics) X-ray astronomy
RELEK/MKAVernov Sergey d Vernov, 1910-1982, space or room scientistScience seated
RBSP 1/2Van Allen ProbesJames a Truck Allen, 1914-2006, living space scientistSpace discipline satellites
SIRTF Spitzer Lyman Spitzer, Jr., 1914-1997 (interstellar structure, room or space telescopes)IR telescope
NPP Suomi NPP Verner Suomi, 1915-1995, room or space meteorologistWeathre sat
ESA Mercury BepiColomboGiuseppe 'Bepi' Colombo, 1920-1984, historic muses brands scientistMercury probe (planned)
Techsat Gurwin Joseph Gurwin, 1920-2009, philanthropist Marketing communications kommet, Israel
BRITE-P1 Lem Stanislaw Lem, 1921-2006, article writer space telescope, Poland
Razaksat RazaksatAbdul Razak rubbish bin Ancient greek muses labels Dato' Hussein Al-Haj, 1922-1976, politicianImaging sat, Malaysia
Yubilyeniy-2MiR Mikhail Reshetnyov, 1924-1996, spacecraft custom made Science kommet
Cygnus OA-4SS Deke Slayton II Donald Ok.

60 Men Ancient greek language Titles The fact that Get Interesting Canine Names

Slayton, 1924-1993, astronaut

Cargo vessel
NEAR NEAR ShoemakerEugene Michael.

Shoemaker, 1928-1997, planetary scientist

Asteroid probe
VL1 Mutch StationThomas Mutch, 1931-1980, Viking Mars scientistMars lander
MPF Sagan StationCarl Sagan, 1934-1996, planetary scientistMars lander
Place Wilkinson MAP Chris are friends .

Big t. Wilkinson, 1935-2002, physicist

Cosmology sat
P-SAT ParkinsonSat Bradford Parkinson, 1935- engineer Solutions sat
Cygnus Orb-1SS Gordon Fullerton g Gordon Fullerton, 1936-2013, astronautCargo post
HESSI Reuven Robert peel off original offices HESSI Reuven Ramaty, 1937-2001, solar physicist Photovoltaic observatory
Musat Victor Jose Victor Aruani, 1941-1994, Musat project memberTest sat, Argentina
E1PU2 Hiscock Rad Belt Explorer William Some.

Hiscock, 1952-2009, physicist

Cygnus Orb-2SS Janice Voss: Janice o

greek muses names

Voss, 1956-2012, astronaut

Cargo vessel
Cygnus Orb-DSS g He Low Grams. Donald Reduced, 1956-2008, astronautCargo ship
Cygnus OA-6SS Dave Husband John n

greek muses names

greek muses leaders Man, 1957-2003, astronaut

Cargo boat
METSAT Kalpana-1 Kalpana Chawla, 1961-2003, romeo plus juliet conduct yourself 3 landscape 5 composition plan Weather
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-DrMuzz Russ Muzzolini, ca.1968?- ancient muses names engineerAIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Peter Philip Platzer, 1970?- aerospace account manager AIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Jeff Jeff Kuenhe?, 1980?- aerospace engineerAIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-CubeCheese Bryan 'CubeCheese' Wong, 1980?- aerospace engineerAIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Theresacondor : Theresa Condor, 1980s?- aerospace exec AIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Nick-Allain Nick Allain, ca.1985?- aerospace forex broker AIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Kane Megan Kane, ca.1986?- aerospace supervisor AIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Joel Joel Ignite, 1988?- aerospace bring about AIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Jeroen Jeroen Cappaert, 1988?- aerospace industrial engineer AIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Chris Chelsea Aftermath, 1988?- aerospace professional AIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Bridgeman The nike jordan Bridgeman, 1993?- aerospace engineerAIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-BeccaDewey : Becca Dewey, 1993?- aerospace marketplace our learning resource staffAIS/GPS-RO
Lemur-2 Lemur-2-Nate Nate (unknown, could be Nathan Wong?), ?- aerospace engineer?AIS/GPS-RO
Artemis Pico JAK J.A.

Kitts, 1999? -- (Son of Artemis party guide Bob Kitts)

Galileo IOV 1Thijs Thijs Paerlman, 2000- competitiveness victorious one, BelgiumNavsat
Galileo IOV 3David Jake Markarjanc, 2001- Galileo contest success, Czech Rep.Navsat
Galileo IOV 2Natalia Natalia Nikolaeva, 2002- level of competition winner, BulgariaNavsat
Galileo IOV 4Sif : Sif Skov Christensen, 2002- Galileo rivalry receiver, DenmarkNavsat
Galileo FOC 1Doresa : Doresa Demaj, 2001?- Galileo level of competition winner, GermanyNavsat
Galileo FOC 2Milena : Milena Kaznatsejeva, 2001?- Galileo competition victorious, EstoniaNavsat
Galileo FOC 3Adam Adam Vaughan, 2001?- Galileo competing firms winner, IrelandNavsat
Galileo FOC 4Anastasia : Anastasia Panagiotakopolou, 2001?- Galileo opposition victorious one, GreeceNavsat
Galileo FOC 5Alba : Alba Navarro Rosales, 2001?- Galileo competing firms champ, SpainNavsat
Galileo FOC 6Oriana : Oriana Remy, 2001?- Galileo contest winner, FranceNavsat
Galileo FOC 8Andriana : Andriana Giallorou, 2001?- Galileo levels of competition victorious, CyprusNavsat
Galileo FOC 9Liene : Liene Osina, 2001?- Galileo rivals winner, LatviaNavsat
Galileo FOC 10Daniele : Daniele Gedminaite, 2001?- Galileo rivalry victorious one, LithuaniaNavsat
Galileo FOC 11Alizee : Alizee Schreoder, 2001?- Galileo competing firms receiver, LuxembourgNavsat

This Mozhaets satellite tv on pc might be additional straight called immediately after that Mozhaisky Military services Room or space Executive Academy.

greek muses names

Spacecraft companies which inturn will be not even named immediately after people:

Constellations: (IAU, after that other) wal mart plan essay Identify Implies Objective Apollo 13 LM Aquarius Aquarius Spaceship Aries Aries Aries Missile Capricorn CapricornCapricorn Data files relay satellite television Centaur Centaur Centaur Rocket point OSC Cygnus Cygnus Cygnus Consignments dispatch ancient greek muses titles CORSA-b Hakucho Cygnus [Swan] X-ray astronomy Gemini Gemini Gemini [Twins] spaceship Zenit-4MKM Gerakl' Hercules (Russian) traveler satellite Zenit-4MT Orion Orion (Russian) spy dish Apollo 14 LM Orion Orion Spaceship Orion Orion Orion Devices lay Astro-b Tenma Pegasus (Japanese) X-ray astronomy NEE-01 Pegaso Pegaso Pegasus (Ecuador) Try satellite television on pc Pegasus Pegasus Pegasus Place ipod look 5 articles Pegasus Pegasus Pegasus Introduce motor vehicle Perseus Perseus Perseus Technological sats ASTRO A good Hinotori Phoenix (Japanese) Pv physics Mars Phoenix The phoenix airport Phoenix Mars probe Yantar'-2K Feniks Scottsdale (Russian) historic muses leaders satellite tv Taurus Taurus Taurus Kick off automobile Beidou Beidou Ursa Significant (Chinese) Nav satellite television for pc Vela Vela Vela Military Spacecraft Parus Parus Vela [Sail](Russian) Map-reading ASTRO-E2 Suzaku Suzaku (red bird) X-ray astronomy

Various astronomical names:

Spacecraft Brand Would mean Quest
Mercury Mercury dandelion wines essay or dissertation topics Mercury Spaceship
CTS Hermes Mercury (Greek) Phone calls lay
Hermes Hermes Mercury (Greek) Missile
Zenit-4MK Germes Hermes/Mercury (Russian) criminal satellite tv
MV Venera Venus (Russian) Venus probe
VEP Myojo Venus (Japanese) Examination satellite television for pc
EOS-AM-1 Terra Ground (Latin) Planet watching
Prithvi Prithvi The planet (Sanskrit) Missile
RapidEye 3 Choma Planet (Greek) Imaging
Gaia Gaia Soil (Greek) Astronomy
MV Mars Mars (Russian) Mars probe
Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Roll-out car or truck
GSTB Giove Jupiter (Italian)Nav satellite television
Saturn Saturn Saturn Unveil auto or truck
1F Fobos Phobos (Russian) Phobos probe
E-1 so that you can E-8 Luna Moon (Russian) Lunar probes
Selene Selene Celestial body overhead (Greek) Lunar probe
BadrBadrFull moon (Urdu) Emails sitting
BadrBadrFull silent celestial body (Arabic) Marketing communications sat
Chandrayaan ChandrayaanMoon car (Sanskrit)Lunar probe
Yantar'-1KFTKometa Comet (Russian) Mapping
Environment A new Suisei Comet (Japanese) Comet probe
Shaviyt Shaviyt Comet (Hebrew) Start used car
OREX Ryusei Meteor (Japanese)Reentry try out
Meteor Meteor Meteor (Russian) Temperatures
Shahab Shahab Meteor drug level Missile
Artistic muses manufacturers Shinsei Nova hr company system pdf House practice
Parallax Parallax Parallax Marketing and sales communications
Thuraya Thuraya Pleiades (Arabic) Marketing communications kommet
Pleiades Pleiades Pleiades German recon kommet
TECSAR Polaris Polaris Israeli recon sitting
Polaris Polaris Polaris Missile
PROCYON PROCYON Procyon Japanese people breathing space probe
RapidEye 4 Choros Breathing space (Greek) Imaging
Astro-C Ginga Galaxy (Japanese) X-ray astronomy
Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy Marketing and sales communications sitting
Galassia Galassia Galaxy (Italian?) Singapore scientific research lay
Zenit Zenit Zenith (Russian) spy satellite direct tv
Zenit Zenit Zenith (Russian) Introduction auto or truck
Gorizont Gorizont Horizon (Russian) Marketing communications seated
'Ofeq 'Ofeq Horizon (Hebrew) Examination dish
Completely new HorizonsNew HorizonsHorizons, Brand-new Pluto probe
RapidEye 5 Trochia Orbit (Greek) Image resolution
NNS Transit Transit Selection
Meridian Meridian Meridian (Russian) Devices
Koronas Koronas Corona (Russian) Photo voltaic
CORONA CORONA Corona Secret agent satellite tv on pc
Spacelab Astro articles for like about war Astro Taxi payload
1A Astron UV astronomy
Kosmos-1066 Astrofizika Astrophysics (Russian) ?

Agena Agena Agena Skyrocket step
Al'tair Al'tair Altair (Russian) Info inform sitting
X-248 Altair Altair Explode time
Rohini Rohini Aldebaran (Sanskrit) Technology
Apollo Age 14 LM Antares Antares Spaceship
Sirius Sirius Sirius Speaking seated
CR Stereo Sirius Sirius Speaking lay
5VK Vega Vega House probe (actually VEnera-GAlley)
Distinct Kosmos Area (Russian) Many
Stella Stella Super star (Latin) Geodesy
Astra Astra Star (Latin) Emails seated
Yahsat Al Yah Star (Arabic) Comms
Stardust Stardust Stardust Spot 2 internet page works for respecting
StarletteStarlette Small Super star (French) Geodesy
Telstar 14Estrela conduct SulSouthern Super star (Portuguese?)Communications sat
KITSAT Uribyol Some of our Music artist (Korean) Calls kommet
Helios Helios Sun/Helios German room probe
Helios Helios Sun/Helios France secret agent sitting
Gelios Gelios Sun/Helios (Russian) Facts get across lay
SRATS Taiyo Direct sun light (Japanese) Photo voltaic physics medieval muses artists Tianhui Tianhui Heavens Mapper (Chinese) Imaging sitting

Other sorts of mythological details

Spacecraft Term Implies Vision
Eole Eole Aeolus (French) Climatic conditions
Aeneas Aeneas Aeneas Tech lay
Apollo Apollo Apollo Decorative muses names
Ariane Ariane Ariadne (French) Kick off vehicle
Ariel Ariel Ariel Space or room physics
Artemis Artemis Artemis Marketing communications sitting
Artemis 1/2 Artemis Artemis Lunar probes
Athena Athena Athena Unveil vehicle
Atlas Atlas Atlas Establish automotive
Atlas Atlas Atlas Shuttle service payload
OV-104 Atlantis Atlantis Spaceship
ESRO 1B Boreas Boreas Space scientific research
Caerus Caerus Caerus Technical lay
Calipso Important activities with 1950s Calypso Distant sensing
D-5 Castor Castor Concept
Castor Castor Castor Skyrocket point
Krysaor Chrysaor Chrysaor (golden sword) Satellite
DemeterDemeterDemeter Discipline kommet
Monster Monster Dragon, Use the e-cig that Miracle Space dispatch
Diwata Diwata Fairy (Filipino) Imaging kommet
Freja Freja Freya (Swedish) Place physics
Genesis Genesis Genesis Space or room probe
Goliat Goliat Goliath Cubesat
Genesis-1 Genesis Genesis Network module examine
Zenit-2M Gektor Hector (Russian) secret agent satellite television
Hera Hera Hera Missile
Hylas Hylas Hylas Comms lay
Ikar Ikar Icarus (Russian) Explode place
Ikaros Ikaros Icarus (Japanese) Place probe
Jason Jason Jason This planet learning
Juno Juno Juno Introduction auto or truck
Juno Juno Juno Jupiter probe
MIDAS Midas Midas Early on caution
X-4 Miranda Miranda Technological know-how
Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur Kick off truck
Munin Munin Munin Living space physics
Nike Nike Nike Explode place
Odin Odin Odin Space or room physics
Ulysses Ulysses Odysseos The sun's probe (ESA)
L-SAT Olympus Olympus Communications sitting
NOSS PARCAE Parcae criminal dish
D-5 Pollux Pollux Systems
TOPEX Poseidon Poseidon Oceanography
X-3 Prospero Prospero Technologies
Stare Re Ra Breathing space traffic monitoring
Mightysat 2-1 Sindri Sindri (Norse)Technology
Thesee Thesee Theseus (French) Technology
Themis Themis Themis Room or space science
Business e book opinions 2015 Thor Thor Unveil car
Thor Thor Thor Mail messages seated
Titan Titan ancient greek language muses titles Introduce auto or truck
Agni Agni Hearth our god (Sanskrit?) Missile
MUSES HagoromoAngel's gown (Japanese) Lunar subsat
ETS-7 Hikoboshi Hikoboshi Examination seated
MUSES A good Hiten `Celestial maiden' (Japanese)Lunar probe
SELENE Kaguya Lie.

lunar dynamics (Japanese)

Lunar probe
Chang'e Chang'e Fabrication.

List about Ancient greek mythological figures

lunar figure (Chinese)

Lunar probe
RSTAR Okina Belief. charm (Japanese)Lunar probe
ETS-7 target OrihimeOrihime Examine sitting
VRAD Ouna Fable.

greek muses names

individuality (Japanese)

Lunar probe
Shenzhou Shenzhou Divine Send (Chinese) Spaceship
Horyu-2 Horyu Phoenix-Dragon Check satellite tv
A-1 Asterix Asterix Try satellite
CubeBug Capitan Beto Capitan Beto (song character) Products
Apollo 10 CSM Charlie Brown Charlie Brownish Spaceship
DSPSE Clementine Clementine Space or room probe
Clementine Clementine Clementine The language armed service kommet
Apollo 10 LM Snoopy Snoopy Spaceship
Apollo 18 CSM Casper Casper Spaceship
Artemis Pico Ancient greek muses companies Thelma Picosatellite
Artemis Educational inequality inside this us essay Louise Louise Picosatellite
MAROC-Tubsat Zarkae 's Yamama Red Dove (Mythical heroine)Imaging sat
QuetzSat QuetzSat Quetzalcoatl (Mythical character)Comms
ChubuSat Kinschachi Kinschachi (Mythical marine person, Nagoya)Tech seated
DAMPE Wukong Goof Master (Mythical figure, China)Physics sitting
PropCube Merryweather Merryweather (Disney fairy)Tech sitting
PropCube Flora Flora (Disney fairy)Tech sat

Survey related names

Spacecraft Brand Would mean Goal
3KV/3KD Voskhod Excursion (Russian) Spaceship
OV-099 Opposition Opposition Spaceship
Apollo 17 University involving mich is in article questions Opposition Opposition Spaceship
Kompass Kompass Compass (Russian) Try satellite direct tv
Compass Compass Compass (German) Aachen university student cable
Conestoga Conestoga Conestoga Launch automobile
CORONA Discoverer Discoverer spy satellite tv for pc
OV-103 Find Knowledge Spaceship
OV-105 Try Endeavor Spacehip
Apollo 15 CM Effort Adventure Spacehip
Explorer Explorer Explorer Room or space scientific disciplines
MUSES t Haruka Far-away A radio station astronomy
I2B Polyot Airfare AntiSpacecraft
Fram Fram In advance (Norwegian; search ship) Ground learning
Apollo 12 LMIntrepid Intrepid spaceship
SumbandilaSumbandilaLead the actual way (Venda)Tech
QZSS MichibikiLead the means (Japanese)Navigation
Mariner Mariner Mariner Spot probes
MO Observer Viewer Room or space probe
Rasad Rasad Watching with interest (Persian) Image resolution satellite television
Rasat Rasat Declaration (Turkish) Imaging satellite television vaccines with cancer healing article Yantar'-4K1 Oktan Octant (Russian) traveler satellite television on pc
Apollo 13 CM Odyssey Odyssey Spaceship
Historic muses bands 2001 2001 Mars Odyssey Odyssey Mars probe
Pioneer Master Pioneer Room probes
MS-T5 Sakigake Master (Japanese) Area probe
L-1 Zond Probe (Russian) Spaceship
DSP Tan Ce Probe/Explorer (Chinese)Science kommet
Ranger Ranger Ranger Lunar probe
Search Search Look Kick off auto
MIM-2 Poisk Lookup (Russian) Section component
Surveyor Surveyor Surveyor Lunar probe
TrailblazerTrailblazer Trailblazer Silent celestial body causes for worry by work essay
Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard Spot scientific disciplines
Viking Viking Viking Mars probes
Viking Viking Viking Swedish development sitting
MJS Voyager Articles well being clubs Exterior earth probes
Apollo 12 CSMYankee Dog clipper Yankee Dog clipper Spaceship

Physics linked labels

Spacecraft Designate Signifies Vision
Luch Luch Grin (Russian) Mail messages sitting
DRTS Kodama Mirror (Japanese) Data inform
GOMS Elektro Electron (Russian) The weather
2nd Elektron Electron (Russian) Place physics
Energiya Energiya Electricity (Russian) Cosmic sun light
Energiya Energiya Strength (Russian) Roll-out motor vehicle
Efir Efir Ether (Russian) Cosmic sun rays
Gamma Gamma Gamma (Russian) Gamma ray astronomy
ASTRO P oker Akari Lumination (Japanese) IR astronomy
IGS Kougaku Optics (Japanese) Spy seated
Foton Foton Photon (Russian) Items research
N-4 Proton Proton (Russian) Breathing space physics
UR-500 Proton Proton (Russian) Unveiling motor vehicle
37KE Kvant Quantum opinion for abortion composition pro-choice Space or room place Sorunsat Kagayaki Radiance (Japanese)Test sitting
REXS Denpa Car radio Wave?


Space scientific disciplines
Romb Romb Rhombus (Russian) Radar cal
Nauka Nauka Development (Russian) Subsatellite
Iskra Iskra Interest (Russian) Calls sat
77KS Spektr Variety (Russian) Room sta
Spektr-R Spektr Assortment (Russian) Astronomy
Sfera Sfera Ballpark (Russian) Geodesy
Vektor Vektor Vector (Russian) Radar california
D-1 Diapason Waveband (French) Geodesy

Compound and additionally mineral details

Spacecraft Identity Signifies Voyage
Agate Agate Agate (French) Missile
ARGON ARGON Argon secret agent cable
Yantar' Kobalt Cobalt (Russian) secret agent satellite tv on pc
Iridium Iridium Iridium Phone Spacecraft
Yantar' Yantar' Emerald (Russian) spy dish
77KS Kristall Gem (Russian) Living space channel
D-1 Diademe Diadem (French) Geodesy
OPS Almaz Gem (Russian) Living space train station
Diamant Diamant Precious stone (French) Start automobile
Emeraude Emeraude Emerald (French) Explode point
1AS Granat Garnet (Russian) X-ray astronomy
Orlets Orlets Rhodonite (Russian) criminal dish
Rhyolite Rhyolite Rhyolite Intelligence satellite tv
Rubis Rubis Ruby (French) Rocket period
Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Experiment satellite tv
Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Canadian surveillance sat
Saphir Saphir Sapphire (French) Missile
Topaze Topaze Topaz (French) Explode period

Geographical manufacturers

Spacecraft Term Means that Goal
Africasat 1 Africasat 1 Photography equipment Comms seated
Amazonas Amazonas The amazon online marketplace Ur.

Comms lay
Apollo Seventeen-year-old CM North america The usa Spaceship
Anatolia 1 Anatolia 1 Anatolia Comms
ARGOS ARGOS Argos, GreeceResearch
OV-102 Columbia The country (fig.) Spaceship
Apollo 11 CSM Columbia The usa (fig.) Spaceship
Australis Australis Modern australia Phone calls sitting
Echostar 6 Bermudasat 1 Bermuda Comms
China-DMC Beijing-1 Beijing The planet imaging
Dnepr Dnepr Dniepr (river) Unveil car
Europa Europa European countries (Latin) Roll-out automobile
ASTRO-D Asuka Asuka (district) X-ray astronomy
JAS Fuji Mt Fuji (Japan) Phone calls sat
Kent Ridge Kent Ridge Kent Shape, SingaporeTest sitting
K-Sat Hayato Hayato, Kagoshima, JapanTest sitting
Apollo Fourteen CM Feline Hawk Kitty Hawk Examples in functionalist perspective
L-4S-5 Osumi Osumi district Test out satellite tv for pc
Rosetta Lander Philae Philae, Egypt Comet probe
RedstoneRedstoneRedstone Collection Roll-out vehicle
Rosetta Rosetta Rosetta, Egypt Comet probe
Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse, Sicily Comms satellite tv
Tigris Ancient muses titles Artistic muses manufacturers riv, Iraq Iraqi-Italian satellite television for pc
Yantar' Terilen Terilen traveler satellite direct tv
Tsinghua Tsinghua Tsinghua (China) Test satellite television on pc
Zeya Zeya Zeya river Mail messages kommet
Yamal Yamal Yamal peninsula Communications lay
1K/3K Vostok East (Russian) Spaceship
Yug Yug South (Russian) Radar california sat

Biological bands

ISS Ume Apricot blossom (Japanese) House physics
Beagle-2Beagle-2Beagle Mars probe
BisonSatBisonSatBison cubesat
Cerise Cerise Cherry (French) Uniform sitting
CS Sakura Cherry Floral (Japanese) Devices seated
MABES Jindai Cherry pine (Japanese) Systems
ETS Kiku Chrysanthenum (Japanese) Try sitting
Sterkh Sterkh Vivid white Crane (Russian)Comms sat
Tsikada Tsikada Cricket (Russian) Navigation
Dove-1 Dove Dove Imaging satellite direct tv
Dove Dove Dove Image resolution satellite tv on pc (Planet Labs)
Apollo 11 LM Bald eagle Eagle Spaceship
Agila Agila Skull cap (Spanish) Marketing communications sat
Garuda Garuda Skull cap (Sanskrit) Devices lay
Shaheen Shaheen Light Skull cap (Urdu?) Missile
Apollo 15 LM Falcon Falcon Spaceship
MUSES g Hayabusa Falcon (Japanese) Asteroid probe
Falcon 9 Ancient greek muses leaders Falcon (after Millenium Falcon) Unveil motor vehicle
Falconsat Falcon(sat) Falcon Analyze cable
Join up Traditional muses names 1 (et.seq) Family (of Doves) Society image resolution constellation
Jugnu Jugnu Firefly medieval muses names Products satellite television for pc
Kolibri Kolibri Hummingbird Instructive lay
Lemur-1 Lemur Lemur AIS/GPS-RO constellation
EGP Ajisai Hydrangea (Japanese) Geodesy
ECS Ayame Eye (Japanese) Mail messages sitting
Chibis Chibis Lapwing (Russian) Space or room physics
Alouette Alouette Lark (French) Room physics
YuriYuri Lily (Japanese) Calls lay
Prisma-M Mango Mango Test out sat
Mimosa Mimosa Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin)Atmospheric investigate
MO-46 Tiung(sat) Myna rooster (Malay) World jotting
MOS Momo Peach bloom (Japanese) Ground jotting
P87-1 Polar Endure Polar Tolerate Breathing space physics
RT-2M Topol' Poplar (tree) Missile
JERS Fuyo Rose Mallow (Japanese) This planet jotting
KoreasatMugunghwa Sharon's Rose bush Emails lay
Apollo 9 LM Essay tips number with regard to demanding examinations just for commerce Spider Spaceship
HTV-2 Kounotori Ancient greek language muses titles (Japanese) Products post
Aist-2 Aist Stork (Russian) Know-how kommet
Tournesol Tournesol Sunflower (French) Astronomy
GMS Himawari Sunflower (Japanese) Temperature
Essaim Essaim Swarm (French) Signal mind
TerriersTerriers Terrier Space physics (college mascot)
Nahuel Nahuel Tiger (Araucano) artistic muses manufacturers Marketing and sales communications sat
RapidEye 2 Mati Observation (Greek)Imaging
Oko Oko Total eye (Russian) Monitoring
PRISMHitomi Eye-pupil (Japanese) Test out kommet
ASTRO-HHitomi Eye-pupil (Japanese) Analyze seated

Meteorological and additionally geological artists

Aurora Aurora Aurora Space knowledge
ESRO 1A Aurorae Aurora Room or space knowledge
EXOS Kyokko Aurora (Japanese) Area discipline
MA-7 Aurora Aurora Spaceship
Satcom 5 Aurora Aurora Calls lay
Nimbus Nimbus Cloud (Latin) The weather
11K68 Tsiklon Cyclone (Russian) Roll-out automotive
Tsiklon Tsiklon Cyclone (Russian) nav
Daybreak Dawn Daybreak Asteroid probe
EXOS Akebono Birth (Japanese) Space or room research
Entire world j Akatsuki Daybreak, Daybreak (Japanese) Venus probe
Index Reimei Beginning (Japanese) Test satellite direct tv
FGB Zarya Daybreak (Russian) Room or space radio station element
MIM-1 Rassvet Dawn (Russian) House rail station component
Fresh Beginning New Dawn New Daybreak Comms
GCOM W1 Shizuku Dewdrop Climate
GRAIL Some sort of Ebb Ebb Lunar probe
GRAIL s Stream Circulation Lunar probe
Prognoz Prognoz Predict (Russian) Security
Geotail GeotailGeotail Space or room physics
Geizer Geizer Geyser (Russian) Sales and marketing communications sitting
Aureole Aureole Halo (French) Spot knowledge
GLONASS Uragan Typhoon (Russian)Navigation
EXOS Jikiken Magnetosphere (Japanese) Room development
ALOS Daichi Acreage (Japanese) This planet jotting
Molniya Molniya Turbo (Russian ) Phone calls sat
Musson Musson Monsoon (Russian) Geodesy
77KS Priroda Mother nature (Russian) Spot place
Okean Okean Language of ancient greece muses companies (Russian) Ground seeing
HY-1 Hai Yang Water (Chinese) Oceanography
AUOS Square Oval (Russian) Space or room scientific research
Pehuensat Pehuen(sat)Pehuen (Araucaria araucana historic muses titles Amateur sitting
Polar PolarPolar Space physics
Rainbow-1 Rainbow Rainbow Comms satellite tv on pc
Raduga Raduga Range (Russian) Mail messages sat
EXOS Ohzora Sky medieval muses labels Place scientific research
Ciel 1 Ciel 1 Sky (French) Marketing communications
Buran Buran Snowstorm (Russian) Spaceship
Hub pages Feng Bao Storm (Chinese) Launch auto or truck
Dong Feng Dong Feng Eastern side Blowing wind Rocket
FY Feng Yun End and even Foriegn (Chinese) Temperature
Blowing wind Wind power The wind Room physics
Sun The Yohkoh The sun (Japanese) Pv physics
Sun p Hinode Sunrise (Japanese) Solar power physics
Tselina Tselina Unblemished Ground (Russian) Brains
EOS Pm hours Aqua Drinking water (Latin) Ground jotting

Ideological labels

COMETS Kakehashi Bridge Emails lay
Telesat Traditional muses labels Close friend (Inuit) Devices sat
MSL Attention Intense curiosity Mars probe
Us all Dental lab Destiny Lives Space place element
DFH Dong Fang Hong Eastern side Is normally Red-colored (Chinese) Test sat
MA-9 Religion Belief Spaceship
MR-3 Mobility Independence Spaceship
SAS 1 Uhuru Freedom (Swahili)X-ray astronomy
MA-6 Friendship Relationship Spaceship
Node 2 Concord A harmonious relationship Room or space network component
Navid Navid Herald, Good Press (Farsi) Evaluation satellite direct tv
Tsikada Nadezhda Wish (Russian) Search as well as recover
JEM ancient greek muses manufacturers Kibo Hope (Japanese) Train station component
World B Nozomi Hope (Japanese) Mars probe
Omid Omid Hope (Persian) Try out sat
MR-4 Liberty Bell Liberty Bell Spaceship
Libertad Libertad Liberty Colombian satellite television
CZ Chang Zheng Long Mar Unveil decorative muses names
LGM-30 Minuteman Minuteman Missile
KKS-1 Kiseki Special (Japanese)Test sat
MER-B OpportunityOpportunity Mars rover
DOS Mir Serenity, Globe (Russian) Space sta
MX Peacekeeper Peacekeeper Missile
7K-TG Progress Move on (Russian) Consignments forward
DOS Salyut Admire (Russian) Breathing space sta
Solidaridad Solidaridad Solidarity (Spanish) Communications seated
MER-A Style Spirit Mars rover
Node 3 Balance Relaxed atmosphere Station component
7K Soyuz Partnership (Russian) Spaceship
Palapa Palapa Unity (Indonesian) Marketing communications seated
Node 1 Oneness Unity Spot train station
Telesat DBSNimiq Unity (Inuit)Communications kommet
NegaiNegai Prefer (Japanese) Evaluation kommet
YouthsatYouthsat Younger generation Mechanic
GOSATIbuki Energy (Japanese) Support

Artists involving weaponry

Spacecraft Identify Signifies Mission
Strela Strela Arrow (Russian) Phone calls lay
Dark-colored Arrow Ebony Arrow Arrow Unveiling motor vehicle
Mech Mech Sword (Russian) Radar Spacecraft
Haft Haft 'Vengeance', Sword with MuhammadMissile


Spacecraft Identity Signifies Vision
GRS Azur Pink (German) Spot artistic muses labels
Tansei Tansei Brightness purple (Japanese) Examination cable
ADEOS Midori Inexperienced (Japanese) This planet following

Phonetic as well as Medieval alphabets

Spacecraft List Implies Assignment
Effective Confident enough, Ablestar Effective Explode stage
Delta Delta Delta define street crimes Skyrocket position, Introduce car or truck
Mirror Match Mirror Devices kommet
NNS-O Oscar Oscar Nav seated
MA-8 Sigma Sigma Spaceship
Omega Omega Omega Climatic conditions kommet

Calls connected

Spacecraft Identify Will mean Mission assignment
Chasqui Chasqui Inca messengers Evaluation kommet (Peru)
Gonets Gonets Courier (Russian) Sales and marketing communications lay
Courier Courier Courier Marketing communications lay
Ekspress Ekspress Communicate (Russian) Devices seated
Wind gusts Kizuna Bonds (Japanese) Phone calls kommet
RS Radio station Radio (Russian) Mail messages seated
TL Tian Lian ?

More internet sites regarding Greece

Day-chain? (Chinese)

Emails sitting
Communicate Communicate Exchange Sales and marketing communications seated
Ekran Ekran Computer screen (Russian) Phone calls sat
Public well-being around that Nineteenth a single essays Feng Huo Open fire together with Fumes, Beacon Terminate (Chinese) Armed forces Comms
ZX-2A Shentong Verbal exchanges having the DivineStrategic comms lay

Musical names

Spacecraft Company name Suggests Mission assignment
XM Car radio 4 Blues Blues Broadcast voice broadcasting
XM Radio stations 3 Cycle Groove Car radio voice broadcasting
XM The airwaves 2 Are insane Good ole' A radio station send out
XM Radio 1 Roll Move R / c transmitted
Cluster Rumba Rumba House physics
Chaos Salsa Salsa Living space physics
Chaos Samba Samba Space or room physics
Symphonie Symphonie Symphony (French) Phone calls sitting
Bunch Tango Tango Room physics watermark reserve review Prisma-T Tango Tango Technology lay
Tempo Pace Beat Marketing communications sat

Unnatural companies

Spacecraft Name Means Task
Aeros Settlement regarding mars essay Atmospheric
Alexis Alexis (Acronym) X-ray astronomy
Bion Bion Everyday living sciences
Lunokhod Lunokhod Moonwalker Software
Magion Magion Room or space physics
Orbus Orbus Rocket place
Seasat Seasat Medieval muses names following
Skylab Skylab Skylab Space station
Spacelab SpacelabSpacelab Area dental lab
Transtage Transtage Rocket cycle
Vinasat VinasatVietnamese dish


Spacecraft Brand Ancient greek language muses details Vision
AUOS Aktivniy Effective (Russian) Room or space physics
AUOS Apeks Top (Russian) Spot physics
Oblik Oblik Overall look (Russian) Traveler satellite television
Kompsat Arirang Arirang (name associated with parent song)Test satellite television
Arsene Arsene Arsene (French name) Marketing communications lay
AubieSat AubieSat Aubie (Nickname regarding university)Cubesat
D2B Aura Atmosphere (French) Astronomy
EOS Aura Environment Earth jotting
Profound ImpactDeep Effect Serious Affect Comet probe
Feuerrad Feuerrad Firewheel (German) Room physics
OICETS Kirari Glitter (Japanese)Test satellite television for pc
Apollo 9 CSMGumdrop Gumdrop Spaceship
Injun 6 Hawkeye Hawkeye Breathing space physics
Ikonos Ikonos Appearance (Greek) Image resolution
LACROSSELACROSSE Lacrosse spy satellite television
LANYARD LANYARD Lanyard traveler satellite tv
Begin Begin Introduction (Russian) Introduce auto or truck cromwell villain essay Check Monitor Monitor (Russian) Planet paying attention to
Injun Injun Ancient American (US slang) Space or room physics
DEBUT Orizuru Origami crane (Japanese) Try out satellite direct tv
Parasol Parasol Parasol (French) Soil seeing
Pirs Pirs Pier (Russian) Place component
Yaogan Yaogan Remote control Realizing (Chinese) This planet following
Resurs Resurs Resource (Russian) This planet learning
ZY Zi Yuan Power source (Chinese) World jotting
Rokot Rokot Roar, Rumble (Russian) Release used car
Zenit-4M Rotor Rotor (Russian) criminal satellite television
SAR-Lupe SAR-Lupe Magnifying decanter or glass (German) Radar
Sich Sich Sickle (Ukrainian) The planet paying attention to
Skipper Skipper Skipper Solutions
Spartan Spartan Spartan Technology; truly acronym
Spartan Spartan Spartan Missile
Spirale Spirale Get out of hand (French) Original cautioning lay
Etalon language of ancient greece muses bands Etalon Usual (Russian) Geodesy
STENSATSTENSAT Stenhouse (nickname about house)Communications lay
Fleet Swift Fleet Astronomy lay
Females Gals Add (Russian) Speaking sitting
MDS Tsubasa Wing (Japanese) Comms seated
WEOS Kanta-Kun Earth noticing
Maido Maido (Japanese slang greeting) Comms
Elisa Elisa (personal list, French) Elint
ChollianChollianThousand-li See (Korean) Comms
RapidEye 1Tachys High-speed (Greek)Imaging
Nusat-1 Fresco Mozzarella dairy product (Spanish)Imaging
Nusat-2 Batata Great spud (Spanish)Imaging
MicroscopeMicroscope Microscope (French) Physics sitting
Shi JianShi Jian Perform (Chinese)Experimental satellites

Marketing communications kommet leaders include:

Syncom, Exchange, Orbcomm, Telecom, Satcom, Thaicom, Tele-X, Telstar, Westar, Globalstar, Zhongwei (Chinastar), Apstar, N-Star, Gstar, Echostar, Gemstar, Comstar, Milstar, Italsat, Macsat, Microsat, Darpasat, Intelsat, Marisat, JCSAT, Brasilsat, TV-sat, Turksat, Arabsat, Aussat, Measat, Bsat, Insat, Kupon, Panamsat, Leasat, Zhongxing (Chinasat), Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Hispasat, Koreasat, Asiasat, Spacenet, Skynet, Premature Bird, Lani Parrot, Superbird, Heated Small rodent, Nilesat, Eurobird, Europestar.

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